Why do people start to refuse AVOCADO?

Avocado is the most popular fruit among culinary bloggers, vegans and adepts of proper nutrition. Nutritious, tasty and also ideally suited to eggs, which are so fond of all fitness fans. It is believed that the most healthy breakfast is toast with avocado and egg. However, while some can not imagine life without a green fruit, fashionable cafes in the UK have begun to remove it from their menus. Why?

Why you can not eat avocado

The fact is that because of the huge demand of fruit, forests in Central and South America began to cut down and are planted with avocado trees. But the problem is that the main requirement for the growth of these trees is good drainage. Avocados do not withstand excessive soil moisture, so the land is artificially drained. In addition, the tree should not grow too high, otherwise the branching stops and fewer fruits appear, so that the trees do not grow above 4-5 meters, they are treated with strong chemicals.

There is another drawback: transporting avocados to Europe from Central and South America takes a lot of time and resources.

According to The Independent, a popular farm café in the village of Great Missenden in the UK published an announcement on its website: “We will no longer sell avocado dishes. And it’s not a joke”. Commenting on their decision, the cafe owners stated that due to climate change, it is illogical to transport avocados on airplanes a thousand kilometers away, when it is possible to cook from local products. “The obsession of the Western world with this fruit led to an unprecedented demand for it and raised prices to such an extent that Mexican drug cartels began to control avocado exports,” the owners said in their Instagram. – Forests in South America began to cut down. Intensive farming on such a scale contributes to a destructive for the planet greenhouse effect and soil dehydration. ”

A little earlier, another cafe in Bristol also announced that it would stop using avocados: “We love avocados, but ethical issues have always been more important to us,” said cafe’s founder Adam White, “to sell this fruit, knowing how much social and economic damage it causes.” people just wrong. “

By the way, back in 2016, Greenpeace of Mexico warned of the danger posed by the growing demand for the beloved fruit of all the seniors.

“In addition to deforestation for plantations and drainage of soil, there are other factors that negatively affect the environment and the life of the inhabitants of the region – the extensive use of agricultural chemicals and plastics required for packaging and transporting fruit,” said the environmental organization.

It seems that we will soon be waiting for the fashion to give up avocado. After all, the protection of nature and ecology is the main and, probably, the most useful trend for humanity of our time.

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