How to make toy bouquet by your self?

What do you feel when receive flowers? You have feeling of joy and delight, you take pictures with them, put in a prominent place, so that you can admire more often. And you become sad when flowers fade few days after they were gifted. They had to be throw down to garbage.

However, there is an option when your gift would never fade, bringing joy and happiness for months and years to owner of bouquet. Gift a bouquet made of cute plush toys! These bouquets carry a certain message. All these funny cartoon charters : Lilo Stitch, Teddy Bear, Hello Kitty are bright and at the same time elegant, decorated with rhinestones, colored mesh, foam roses with fragrance give a special mood to their owner, and also cause positive emotions with each look at them.

Such a beautiful and memorable bouquet of toys can be created step by step on your own or your can buy a hand made bouquet from

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Take into consideration that bouquets of toys should be different depending on the reason for which they are presented. It can be:

-Birthdays. Here you need to consider who you are going to give a bouquet to (man, woman, child);
-Romantic date
-On the birth of a child. And here again it is necessary to take into account, a boy or a girl will be the owners of the bouquet;
-Gender reveal party

Creating toy bouquet step by step.

So, when the reason and the addressee is determined, you can begin to make a bouquet of toys for beginners. For this we need:

Soft toys 5-7 pieces;
Wire frame;
Floral paper;
Ribbons and lace;
Rhinestones, beads and flowers.

At the first stage of making a step-by-step bouquet of toys, we apply glue on a heart-shaped frame and glue floral paper.

Then from the ribbon we tie a bow.

Apply glue to the outer edge, to which we glue the lace around the entire circumference.

The next stage is gluing the toys: spreading the backrest with glue and pressing it to the frame evenly over the entire area of ​​the bouquet of toys – the instructions and photos allow you to do all this without problems.

In the empty space between the toys lay the decor of the grid.
At the last stage, paste the rhinestones, beads and flowers.

Use your imagination and create a bouquet of toys, a step-by-step photo of which you see on our website. Such spending time will not only allow you to please your loved ones with a wonderful gift, but also give you a few minutes of pleasure and a charge of joy! Use your inspiration and share your mood with your friends and colleagues who will receive such an original and unique gift from you. Each person is individual and it is so nice to receive personal, specially made gifts for you.

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